zaterdag 7 februari 2009

an other watercolorpainting

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I like very much this one, the light is fantastic, great work and congrats !

cabap zei

Thanks Bodard,

Matt Ryder zei

This is wonderful Jan. What a talent you have. Do you ever exibit your paintings ?

flats zei

Beautiful Jan, i love your watercolour.Do you have any portraits to show on your Blog, do you accept commissions ? Because i am interested in having my 2 daughters painted by you . Your friend Paul

cabap zei

Yes Matt,
I did many exhibitions with my paintings" oil- and watercolor paintings".
I was also a selected member of the "Europe aquarelle institute",now I take it easy and the rest of my life I want have fun and caricature drawing is " for me " funny.
I don't stop watercolor painting but just for amusement,no stress anymore,and my greatest pleasure is to have so many friends in a short time,it keeps me young and busy,you are one of them,I love it,

cabap zei

I never did portraits in water color,
I did a few caricatures in watercolor.
Maybe I can give it a try,I post you a mail,