vrijdag 3 juli 2009

more caricatures

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Cesc Ginesta zei

Magnificent! these cartoons are great! you're a great artist, friend ... I warmly congratulate you.


Annaquarel.les zei

Great job, Jan! You know all the secrets about caricatures.
I don't know if you have seen my post talking about David Lobenberg's call for self portraits. I thought your self portrait should be among the SPs from artists around the world in David's new blog : http://spgloballovein.blogspot.com/
Have a look. :-)

cabap zei

Thanks Cesc for your kind words :)

cabap zei

Thanks a lot Anna,you make me shy !!!!
I saw his blog and follow it,
I draw a caricature of myself and post it hahahaha,
regards from Belgium,
jan :)

vanina zei

Muy Buenos trabajos! :)

cabap zei

thanks a lot Vanina,
jan :)

Márcio Diemer zei

Parabens Jan! Suas caricaturas estão cada vez melhores! Vamos trocar caricaturas? Se aceitar mando minha foto e aguardo uma sua. Diemer (em Portuguese)

cabap zei

Marcio,thanks a lot for your comment,
jan :)

Duma zei

Your caricatures are simply great!!

cabap zei

Thanks Duma :)