zondag 16 augustus 2009

Alfred Hitchcock

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Annie zei

Heel geslaagd!
Jan, je mag mij een karikatuur van jezelf doormailen. Je vindt mijn mailadres in de rechterkolom op mijn blog.

cabap zei

Dank je Annie,
doe ik,
jan :)

john zei

thats a good likeness Jan..well done...John

cabap zei

Thanks a lot john,

laptop2vpro zei
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flats zei

Its a good likeness Jan, but the structure of the lower lip seems wrong to me , my friend. Your work is coming on leaps and bounds Jan, the Johnny Depp is great

vanina zei

Jan admire your ability to capture the expressions and roles of each, is something really hard, I'm starting with my first sketches of portraits and trying to exercise but it is super hard! Sorry for my English :(

cabap zei

Thanks a lot Paul,appreciate your comment,
jan :)

cabap zei

Thanks Vanina,and drawing a good caricature is extremely hard but practice...practice...practice....
jan :)

Alvaro Peña zei

Una gran caricatura. Felicidades

cabap zei

Thanks Alvaro,
jan :)

Pat zei

I love that you push the face into extremes but still it says Hitchcock. You’re quite a master. Again I love your sense of humor that comes through in your caricatures.


I like this caricature (lips, shape, likeness...) even if I prefer more little eyes... Congrats, my friend Cabap.

cabap zei

Thanks Bodard,I appreciate your comment a lot,
I give it a try my friend,
jan :)