woensdag 7 oktober 2009

johan life work

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john zei

thats really good Jan..


Great likeness and funny exageration, very good !!! ;O)

cabap zei

Thanks a lot John,
jan :)

cabap zei

Thanks you very much Bodard,
jan :)

Nori Tominaga zei

hahah that's great. Live caricature always frightens me!! How do you relax as well as the subject?

cabap zei

Thanks Nori,
It's simple;just do it but I ask always that they want a big exageration or not ;);)!!!!!!

tecla zei

Gracias por tu visita Cabap.
Tienes magia en tus manos.
Son unos dibujos preciosos. Cómo me gustaría estar contigo y que me hicieras uno.
Si alguna vez expones en Barcelona avísame.
Iré a verte encantada.
Un abrazo.

cabap zei

Thanks a lot tecla for your nice comment !!!

Pat zei

Great job, you have captured the resemblance. This looks like fun making caricatures. Fun and a lot of work! I think I will stick to watercolors.

Krista Hasson zei

jan this is very nice, it is right on the money!

flats zei

One of your best Jan, hope you are well....Paul

cabap zei

Thanks a lot Pat,
jan :)

cabap zei

Thank you very much Krista,
jan :)

cabap zei

Thanks a lot Paul,
everithing o.k. my friend,
jan :à

Trevor Lingard zei

Hi Cabap
Wonderful caricatures. You have amazing talent which I am sure is in great demand.

Zsoldos Péter zei

wow it"s great!

Art Fan Ako zei

Cadap, just went through your entries and you're capturing your subjects in their caricatures for sure! Any chance you start going into spray painting them?

♠ Alex Pribnow ♠ zei

Brilliant! Charicature looks like a lot of fun to do, I've never been very good at it myself but if I was like you I imagine I'd have a whale of a time meeting lots of people and bending their faces! Keep up the great work Jan.

cabap zei

Thanks Trevor,
jan :)

cabap zei

Thanks a lot Peter,
jan :)

cabap zei

Thanks Ako,
maybe in water color ,
jan :)

cabap zei

Thanks a lot Alex,
jan :)

jagdish zei

hhhaaaahhaaaa.......nice one my friend CABAP...

cabap zei

Thanks a lot my friend,
jan :)


hahahahahahahahahahaha! Perfect, hahahahahahaha!!

cabap zei

Thanks James,
Jan :)