dinsdag 5 januari 2010

Bijuchandran a friend cartoonist from India

18 opmerkingen:

Laure zei

Great job pal !
A happy 2010 year to you and your family. \^o^/

Annie zei

Weeral een leuke! Je bent zo te zien al zeer actief in 2010:-)

cabap zei

Thanks a lot Laure,
happy new year and I wish you a 2010 full of inpiration,
jan :)

cabap zei

Dank je wel Annie,niet laten roesten hé,
jan :)

DeVaTe zei

Everybody losves Bijuchandran!!!
Nice moustaches...jejeje


cabap zei

Thanks Deborah,
jan :)

Marcia zei

Es a true artist!
happy days of kings my friend,

cabap zei

Thanks my friend,
jan :)

vanina zei

Great Work!

Megha Chhatbar zei

I am amazed to see your work! Fantastic!

Color Pencil Drawing: Radhe Krishna

Pat zei

I have missed getting on the computer to see your art work. I have spent my coffee break looking through all I have missed. Love the paintings and of course am thrilled to see your caricatures of your friends all over the world. what a great idea.

cabap zei

Thanks a lot Vanina,

cabap zei

Thank you very much Megha,
jan :)

cabap zei

Thanks a lot Pat for your nice compliments,
jan :)

Bijuchandran zei

Thank you for your valuable gift!
I will keep it for ever as an honour!!
Thank you once again
Dear cabap ji!

cabap zei

Thanks a lot my friend,
It's an honor for me to know you and I keep the caricature you did for me like a little treasure.
jan :)

Mahesh zei

Excellent Mr. Cabap, nicely exaggerated.

cabap zei

Thanks a lot Mr.Mahesh,
jan :)