maandag 8 maart 2010

message from jan

my dear friends,
I've been sick for a while but I think the worst is over now.I must go for a few examinations and then the appropriate medication to cure back.Give me some time because I am very tired quickly and have no energy to draw or paint.I saw what you posted and I must say all of you did a great job,
I hope to be back as soon as possible,
jan :)

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Sunny zei

I do hope you feel better soon. Take care.
Sunny :)

Fernando Pena zei

Jan, wishes for you to feel better soon. Hugs

Laure zei

Get well soon Jan.
Kiss !

Pat zei

I am sending love and prayers for your health. Feel better soon.

john zei

Get well soon my friend...John

Jean-Marc Borot zei

Hi Jan.
It's true it's been awhile since I haven't news from you.
Well, health is the most important thing, more than drawing (even if it helps to keep healthy, sometimes)
Take some rest.

Tito Fornasiero zei

Jan, I wish you to get well soon! Take care!! All my best. Tito.

Niall O loughlin zei

Best wishes Jan, I look forward to seeing your work again soon.

DeVaTe zei

Oh my dear Cabap! take care we dont want to lose you so soon! We all your fans will wait for you be better and enjoy your jobs, we love you so much!

Praying for you...



I wish you the best, my friend. Take care, and thank you for this message !

Billie Crain zei

Take care and get well soon, Jan. Rest and recover.

Tel zei

I wish you all the best Jan - take care and take it easy.
Art is a great healer when you feel up to it.

Glen Batoca zei

I hope you get well soon, re-paint and make your great work! All the best to you friend!

Anoniem zei

I wish you to get better soon! Take good care of yourself. ~Alex

vanina zei

Hi Jan, I hope you get better soon and miss your drawings, a great greeting and strength!
Vani :)

Duma zei

Dear Jan,
Get well soon! Wish you all the best!

Srishti zei

Jan! My best wishes to you for getitng better....

jane minter zei

take good care jan i hope you start to feel better soon .

with best wishes


print2paint zei

feel better very soon jan hugs and prayers

Sandeep Khedkar zei

Hi Jan
Wish you the very best in recovery. Take care, get well and start blogging...missing your posts.

perugina zei

Take care Jan.. wishing you a speedy recovery and that you get back to doing what you love a presto!


Hey Jan, I wish him the best colleague, who gets improved soon and returns with a lot of energy!!! Regards from Colombia!

Pamela Payne zei

Relax, take your time and get well! Taking care of yourself is important!

F.M.Marrouch zei

Hola Jan , cuidadte mucho, seguro que esto pasa pronto , esperamos ver pronto tus magníficas pinturas y caricaturas, ánimos.

Anne zei

Sorry to hear that you have been ill Jan .... sending Good Wishes your way for a speedy recovery.

Take Care


ian zei

Hi Jan, I hope you're getting better. Very sorry to hear that you're under the weather. Be safe and get well soon.


Murugesan zei

Jan, wishing you fast recovery, can't wait to see you back, I pray for your health.

Annie zei

Dag Jan, ik zie je berichtje nu pas. Ik wens je van harte beterschap. Lieve groetjes, Annie

cabap zei

Thanks for your support my dear friends,
jan :)

Roberto Marín zei

Jan, I've just saw this post, I hope you are better now, and surely soon you'll be drawing and painting.

bondearte zei

My dear friend, miss you, hope is restored as fast as possible!
I forward my positive thinking for you.

cabap zei

Thanks a lot for your support my friends,
jan :)

flats zei

Its obvious from all these remarks how much your thought of Jan, we all miss your work and positive attitude. Rest and recover friend

cabap zei

Thanks for your nice words my friend,
jan :)

Art Fan Ako zei

I could have sworn I left you a comment way back wishing you feel better. I don't see it here, so I hope you know that I was thinking about you and hoping that you get a good rest and be back on soon doing art and encouraging people, things you love and do best! xoxo

bondearte zei

Cabap My friend, I am happy you are with his health restored.
Good work

Glen Batoca zei

Tank you Cabap for your kind words!

cabap zei

Thanks a lot for your nice words my friends,
jan :)

Wlamir (WROD) zei

I hope you can be better soon...We are waiting for news artworks...

cabap zei

Thank you very much Vlamir.
I am still very tired but there is progresion!!!!! everyday better and better.
7 pill's a day and antibiotic.........
I go chanche my name in JANPILL ...hahahahaha
jan :)

Bijuchandran zei

Its too late that I came to know of your health problem. How do you fell now my dear friend. I pray for your speedy recovery. Nothing to worry because we are near you to appease you dear..
Happy holiday!!!

bondearte zei

How your health is ,my friend?
send us news

cabap zei

Thanks my friend Bijuchandran.
Thanks my friend Paulo.
Give me a few more days and I be back,
jan :)