woensdag 28 april 2010

I.M. Pei

I.M. Pei was born April 26, 1917 in Guangzhou, China. He is a Chinese-born American architect of high modern architecture who has designed skyscrapers and museums, to low income housing around the world.

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Niall O loughlin zei

I really like the style of this one Jan, much more confident line work.

flats zei

Great expression and very good caricature Jan....Paul

stella zei

Me sigue impresionando la maestria que dejas en cada caricatura
Un abrazo Cabap

cabap zei

Thanks a lot Niall,
jan :)

cabap zei

Thanks a lot Paul,
jan :)

cabap zei

Thank you very much Stella,
jan :)

bondearte zei

Incredible, my friend Jan:
I can hear the sound of his laughter

cabap zei

Thanks my friend Paulo,
jan :)