vrijdag 27 augustus 2010

waves ( IPAD paintings )

4 opmerkingen:

Irina zei

Great job, my friend!
I am very conservative about the art on paper vs art on monitor. But I like this work very much!

cabap zei

I agree my dear friend but it is a new toy you know.......lol
jan :)

Transcend Designs zei

Ahhhh the digital-art-addiction has begun!

Beware! ; )

My favorite part about it is the shear speed at which you can execute an idea (and with no mess!) and then post it for the world to see!

My main problem with traditional painting is that it takes me too long!

The next idea is ready to go while I'm stuck trying to finish my last one...!

These are great!
Keep it up!

cabap zei

Thanks a lot Transcend Designs,
jan :)