woensdag 8 september 2010

Jan Neggers A second sketch from "De Kempen",

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Laure zei

Hi Jan,
I must admit I'm not an apple gadgets fan at all but these landscape sketches you do on your ipad are really good. Love it :o)

S. zei

The forms of the trees are fascinating for me. I live in a region of "cerrado", where the trees generally are curves (twisted).
I do appreciate this synthesis of landscape - some short lines occasioning the effect of an intense poem. Beautiful drawing!

"As formas das árvores são fascinantes para mim. Vivo numa região de cerrado, onde as árvores geralmente são curvas (retorcidas). Aprecio essa "síntese" de paisagem - algumas linhas curtas surtindo o efeito de um poema intenso. Belo desenho!".


Thank you for sharing
This fabulous work with us
Good creations

cabap zei

I agree Laure,
My best friends are a pencil,paper,canvas and brushes but this IPAD is a great toy when you are traveling and childs want to play you know;)
jan :)

cabap zei

Thanks a lot S.
Jan :)

cabap zei

Thanks a lot SKIZO,
Jan :)