maandag 29 juni 2009

" WAVES" oil painting

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Fernando Pena zei

Jan, good work

F.M.Marrouch zei

Me gusta mucho,tiene movimiento y la gama de colores refleja perfectamente el ambiente de día gris, muy bueno.

Dominic Philibert zei

Thanx Jan!!
Love this painting!!!!!

Art Fan Ako zei

Awesome!!! Powerful and heavenly feel. Thanks, Jan. You're the best.

Dulcineia (Lília) zei


I can see the waves, coming and going...Its beautiful
A nice week with nice persons and goos workings. Laughing a lot
And I really believe, if we search deeply inside, each of us has a little of Robinson Crusué - we keep going- and a little of genious of Einstein, lol
And, in your case, of course, a LOT of hair. It seems grass, lol
A hug from Lisbon

Annaquarel.les zei

Peace and quiet and the sound of the waves as they softly splash on the seashore while the seagulls fly in the sky. Beautiful, Jan!

cabap zei

Thanks so much Fernando,

cabap zei

Thank you a lot for your kind words Francis,

cabap zei

Thanks Dominic,
great you are back,

cabap zei

Thank you Ako ,I feel you have the spirit,go for it !!!!!!! :)

cabap zei

thank you Lília,
you can say it always so beautiful,I think you are a very happy Lady :)
friendly regards from Belgium :)

cardesin zei

Transmits much serenity and calm!
A great work ..... :-D

cabap zei

Thanks Anna,you are not only a great watercolorpainter but also a poetic !!!!!
friendly regards,

Alex zei

Superb Jan!! I can feel the wind! I love water, you know..

cabap zei

Thanks Juan Carlos,
a big hug too !!!!:)

Aleksandar Nikolic Shomy zei

Great stuff!!! love everything what U post!!! and paintings-WONDERFUL!!!

cabap zei

Thanks Alex,
I love the water,the wind ,the birds and I think the most painters do because we love the nature !!!!!:)

cabap zei

Thanks Alexandar you make me shy,
friendly regards from Belgium :):)

Pat zei

This is beautiful oil. The birds and the atmosphere are so apparent. I can feel the wind and energy of the ocean.

Galina Nikolova zei

Beautiful painting. Thank you.

cabap zei

Thanks Pat,

cabap zei

Thanks Galina,

Tel zei

Beautiful work Jan - I really enjoy your painting - you can smell the salt.

cabap zei

Thanks Terry,
appreciate your comment a lot,